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Thoughts on Being a Pet Parent

Have you ever been told you’re a crazy dog or cat person? Maybe a little too obsessed?

I have been on the receiving end of comments like that more times than I can count. Do I mind? Absolutely not!

Being a pet parent isn’t simply a role we play, it’s a lifestyle. Sometimes we get a bad rap for making our pets a priority. I’m the proud parent of three dogs, and a horse. It’s not unusual to have a few foster kittens running around either. I never apologize for putting my dogs’ needs above my own, but I also know I can be a little over the top and don’t mind laughing about it!

I can say, from personal experience, that you may be a crazy pet parent if you:

  • Call three different pet stores looking for a certain kind of dog food with “heritage meats”
  • Spend more time cooking and feeding your pets than you do for yourself
  • Bought your pet the BEST new coat/toy/treat/sweater only to have him ignore it
  • Take your pet to the vet more than you go to the doctor
  • Buy your pet’s Christmas presents before you do for any human family members
  • Have random strangers stop and ask you if *all* of those dogs are yours

I founded Contented Creatures because I love people who love their pets.

Taking care of animals isn’t just a passion of mine, it’s been my life’s mission and area of expertise. We believe that your pets are precious and should be treated like nothing less than family! Between boarding kennels, doggy daycare, friends, vets, and hobby sitters there are a lot of pet care options in Madison and Dane County. We are always honored when people choose us and promise to go that extra mile for your pets, just like you do everyday.

Thank you to all of our wonderful two and four-legged clients! 

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