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How to Build the Perfect Kong

We’re big fans of anything that makes feeding time more fun, stimulating, and longer lasting. Slow feed bowls, puzzle feeders, and food dispensing toys are becoming very popular so they’re easy to find at most pet stores. They really come in handy during our long and boring Madison winters. For simplicity and safety, nothing beats a Kong. They’re durable, come in a variety of sizes, easy to sanitize, and versatile. Cats love them too! Over the years we’ve perfected the recipe for filling Kongs for the ultimate satisfying experience.

Here’s a little wisdom on how to build the best Kong:

Something Smelly

Fill the tiny hole at the top with a liver treat, cheese, or meat. Anything that will encourage your pet to get to the end.


Flip the Kong upside down and place a few high value treats at the end. Who doesn’t like a little dessert after a meal?

Main Course

Fill the toy with your pet’s regular food. It’s best to mix dry food with something like canned food, yogurt, or peanut butter so it sticks to the inside of the toy and is harder to get out.


Save a half inch or so to add a little more canned food, yogurt, squeeze cheese, or peanut butter to seal all the goodies inside. Stick one more treat on the end to finish it off. This will entice your pet to get started and give them an immediate reward. Peanut butter and a banana slice is a favorite combination of ours. 

(Optional Step)

Pop the Kong in the freezer to make it a seriously long-lasting endeavor. This is one of the best things you can do if you work long hours or if your pet has any anxiety about being left alone.

Once your pet has conquered his Kong you may want to soak it in some hot water to help unstick anything leftover on the inside. This brush is made especially for cleaning the nooks and crannies in Kongs (this is not an affiliate link, it’s just a cool product). If you have a dishwasher it’s best to put the clean toy in the top rack so it can get thoroughly sanitized.

If you want to incorporate a Kong or another food toy into your pet’s care while you’re away, we are happy to help! Just leave out any supplies for filling and we’ll go to town. We love seeing pets entertained and occupied when we finish a dog walk or pet sit.


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