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Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners

Spring is almost here, and for most people that means a little extra deep cleaning to refresh your living space. As pet parents we put up with less than perfectly clean homes because of the companionship and unconditional love our animals give us. Luckily we have some tried and true cleaning tips for pet owners so your non-pet loving in-laws and friends don’t turn their noses up upon entering your house.

Choose the right products

When choosing cleaning products for your home, keep in mind that many irritate pet’s noses and skin, and are toxic if ingested. Keep your pet in another room while you’re cleaning, and store the products safely when you’re done. There are also many green and pet-friendly cleaners on the market nowadays.

Toss and wash toyswww.contentedcreatures.com cleaning tips pet owners

Go through your dog’s toys and dispose of any that are worn or chewed beyond saving. You can wash fabric toys and tennis balls in the washing machine, and rubber toys in the dishwasher. You can also do this with nylon collars and leashes. You’ll be shocked when they come out looking brand new!

Invest in a good vacuum

Frequent vacuuming keeps those hair tumbleweeds from piling up under furniture and in corners. Invest in a vacuum made to handle pet messes (like Dyson or Shark) and give the house a thorough vacuuming at least once a week. The Dyson Stick and Roomba are great products for daily spot vacuuming- you’ll spend far less time deep vacuuming if you use them on a regular basis. Don’t forget to vacuum couches, chairs, under furniture, and even curtains.

Wash and wrap beds

Wash dog bed covers every few months to remove hair and odors. To prevent having to wash the bulky inner bed you can wrap it with industrial plastic wrap, then replace the cover. It makes clean up quick and easy if someone has an accident.

www.contentedcreatures.com tips cleaning petsWipe your paws

Set up a paw cleaning station by the door. Keep a towel handy for wiping off paws- you could even turn the process into a trick! Ask for a shake, or lay the towel on the ground and teach your dog to walk on it. The Paw Plunger cleans muddy feet effectively and quickly, but requires a little cooperation and patience from your dog.

Brush, brush, brushwww.contentedcreatures.com cleaning tips pet owners

Cut down on shedding by brushing your pet frequently. A few of our favorite products are the Furminator, Zoom Groom, and single
row rake. Make the process fun by offering treats, giving a massage, and keeping the sessions short. Frequent brushing will help prevent your kitty from coughing up hairballs, too. They even make vacuum attachments so you aren’t left with a pile of hair.

Proper nutrition

Good coats start from within. Prevent excess shedding by providing a good quality diet free from grains, and consider adding an oil (like coconut or fish oil) to promote skin and hair health. Talk to your vet or visit a local pet store for help choosing an appropriate diet. Putting your pet’s bowls on a place mat will make mealtime clean-up a breeze- it’s much easier to wash it or pop it in the dishwasher than having to clean the floor frequently.

Even a mountain of pet hair couldn’t stop us from having animal companions in our home. Pets are possibly the only ones in the world who will always be happy to see us. While it takes time and energy to clean up after their muddy feet, they’re also leaving paw prints on our hearts. 



Do you have a favorite product or cleaning tip to share? Dish it below!


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