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Does a Pet Sitter Cost More Than a Boarding Kennel in Madison?

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Most people would assume that hiring a pet sitting company is a lot more expensive than taking their dog to a boarding kennel. After all, most pet sitters come to your house three times a day for dogs. That’s a lot of time driving back and forth, in addition to the time spent actually caring for your pets. I too used to think that boarding is a less expensive way to go until I researched the cost of boarding a dog in the Madison area.

Prices vary widely — the cheapest starts around $25 per day and could even be $300 or more. What surprised me most about boarding kennels is that many charge extra for walks, one-on-one time, daycare, extra treats and even updates. That’s right — one place I saw charges $10-$20 extra each day to let you know how your dog is doing.

Based upon the prices I researched in Madison, this is about what it would cost me to board my three dogs each night:

$40…….for the first dog (most kennels are about 6 feet by 4 feet)

$20…….for the second dog

$20…….for the third dog

$10……..Update with photo

$9………Daily treat ($3 each dog)

$10…….Walk for one dog (the other two won’t need it)

$16…….Sales tax

For a total of $115 per day

boarding madison pet sitting cost                                                             The inspiration behind Contented Creatures: Lena, Duke Silver, & Jerry

But what about a pet sitter? The average cost of a pet sitter in Madison is $25, so I would expect to pay about $75 each day. Not only would it cost me less, I’d be a lot happier knowing they were at home sleeping in my bed, getting walks, and being loved on by someone several times a day. There shouldn’t be an upcharge for everything it takes to make your dog relaxed and happy. My dogs are my family. I started this company because I believe all dogs deserve individual attention and care in the place they’re most comfortable — your home!

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