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You will find our complete list of services below.  Please note, at this time we are not able to offer overnight care or three daily visits for dog owners who are out of town. Boarding is available for our current dog-friendly clients. 

To discuss the best fit for your pets, determine if you are in our service area, or for pricing please fill out our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!

Dog Walking for Busy Professionals

Ever feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day? Mornings are crazy, and it can be hard getting out the door in time as is. We will come to your home and take your dog for that walk you just couldn’t squeeze in. So go ahead, hit up that after work happy hour- your dog is happy at home!

Exercise for the Energetic Pup

Does it seem like your dog has endless amounts of energy? Experts agree that dogs need a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise each day. Dogs that aren’t getting enough can engage in destructive chewing, barking and whining, house soiling, and unruly behaviors like jumping up and hyperactivity. If you’re struggling with meeting your dog’s exercise needs, we can provide long walks, playtime in a yard, and work on manners. You’ll be amazed at the difference a good walk will make in your dog’s behavior!

Lunch Time Let Outs

Do you spend your lunch hour running back home? Let us come let your dog out instead! No more stressing when that meeting runs late or when your boss piles on extra work- we make sure your dog is content and comfortable. Great for senior dogs and puppies who just can’t hold it until you make it home!

Kitty Sitting

Taking cats to a vet or facility for boarding can cause them great amounts of stress- send a sitter to take care of them where they are most comfortable instead! We know no two cats are alike. Some like sitting quietly on your lap, or drinking from the faucet, while others prefer to chase the laser pointer. We take care of all their needs, from feeding, refreshing water, and scooping, to staying and playing! One or two daily visits are available.

Small Animal & Exotic Care

We have experience caring for caged animals like guinea pigs, bearded dragons, fish, snakes, and more. We know family members don’t always come with fur!

guinea pig exotic pet sitting madison wisconsin

Hobby Farm Care

Farms require a special level of knowledge and work ethic. It can be difficult to find someone with both the knowledge and experience to handle multiple species with very different needs. From large animals like horses, to the smallest chicken, we have you covered. 

guinea pig exotic pet sitting madison wisconsin

What makes Contented Creatures different…

  1. We never upcharge for additional pets, amount of time spent, administering medications, or anything else! All services come with no time limit. We want to play with your pets and take care of your home, not watch the clock.
  2. We will always offer you three options for communication. (a) One text message by 9 pm (b) One email by 9 pm (c) Handwritten care notes left in your home
  3. We are one of the few companies that offer our clients the ability to register with us online and schedule bookings online. This way, everything is confirmed in writing and does not slip through the cracks. It is our fail-proof system so we never miss pet sits or have scheduling confusion.

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