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What’s Our Policy on Walking Dogs in Wisconsin Weather?

We all know seasons in Wisconsin can get a little crazy. Sometimes it seems like we get the worst of both worlds between our hot, humid summers and sub-zero winters. We want your dog to be comfortable and have fun during our visits!

Read on for our policies regarding temperature extremes.

Summers in Madison can be brutal, especially when it’s hot and humid. Ninety degrees may not seem that hot to you but it can be unbearable for dogs. At this temperature the pavement can be hot enough to hurt their feet. They can also be in danger of heatstroke. To keep our friends safe, it’s our policy to not walk dogs when it’s over 90 degrees.

But my dog still needs exercise…

Absolutely, we couldn’t agree more! There are two options:Pug Relaxing in Beach Chair

  1. Request your dog’s walk to be moved to an earlier time slot and avoid the hottest part of the day. Let us know as soon as possible because there are limited spaces available!
  2. After a little stroll and potty break, we can go back indoors for some fun training games! We have a lot of tricks up our sleeves to tucker your dog out mentally, from hide and seek to running up and down the stairs!

Let’s not forget about winter…

Because of breed, size, and coat differences, what’s too cold for one dog may not be for another. A chihuahua and a husky have

Labrador retriever with cap on his head in winter

very different opinions about temperature!

When temperatures fall to 25 degrees or lower, we exercise extreme caution and limit outdoor time to a potty break if your dog shows any discomfort. We watch for shivering, holding feet off the ground, behavioral changes, hunched posture, and more. All of our games come in handy this time of year- we can even play with food puzzles to exercise his mind!

If your dog has any issues regarding temperature extremes, please let us know in his/her online profile or contact the office.

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