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Wisconsin Brewing Company

We’re so happy to see spring again- flowers are in bloom, trees are budding, and patio season is in full swing! After a long Wisconsin winter many of us are itching to get out and about with our canine companions. Besides parks, it’s not always easy to find somewhere your dog can hang out with you and your friends.

We’ll be taking a look at dog-friendly businesses, restaurants and patios in the Madison area in the upcoming months and posting reviews right here.

Read all about our first stop below!

Wisconsin Brewing Company

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                      Lena approves of the huge fire pit!

Location: 1079 American Way, Verona, WI 53593

Website: http://www.wisconsinbrewingcompany.com/

Space: Plenty of outdoor space. Inside can be cramped and hard to navigate especially if there are dogs lying by tables. If your dog is eager, best to have a friend hold your dog or go in to order for you. We saw one enthusiastic lab get a beer shower all over his back!

Other Dogs: On a Friday evening there were at least 5 other dogs there, and the outdoor bar wasn’t even open for the season! Fair warning: it’s not unlikely to encounter an off-leash dog. If your dog doesn’t do well in situations like this, leave him home. 

Resident Dogs: Two dachshunds, Henny and Tillie, owned by brewmaster Kirby Nelson. Two Irish Setters, Maggie and Mally. 

Special Amenities: Partially surrounded by a pond, with an outdoor bar and fire pit.

Rating:    4/4

Wisconsin Brewing Company is best suited for crowd and dog-savvy dogs. If you decide to take your dog on an outing with you, set him up for success by bringing some high-value treats so you’ll be able to keep his attention in distracting situations. Pack a water bowl in case there isn’t a public option; there are a lot of great collapsible bowls on the market. We recommend choosing a silicone bowl over one made of fabric, bonus if it’s dishwasher safe.

Most importantly, watch your dog closely for any signs of anxiety. Some dogs thrive in busy environments while others become stressed due to noise, strangers, and crowding. If he seems anything other than relaxed it’s best to refuse any requests for pets from strangers. Better to disappoint a stranger than put your dog through discomfort.

Can’t bring your dog with? Call us to arrange a visit while you’re away so you can hit up happy hour without thinking about Fido waiting for his walk at home. 

Do you have any favorite dog friendly places in Madison and Dane county? We’d love any recommendations in the comment section. 

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