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Dog Friendly Madison: Part Two

Welcome to the second post in our series on dog friendly places in Madison!

Madison Wisconsin Dog-Friendly Restaurants Patios bring my dog

You can read about our trip to Wisconsin Brewing Company here. This time we wanted to hit up the Capitol Square for some happy hour specials, and find somewhere with fewer dogs. Managing a dog around a lot of people can be difficult enough, and other dogs can take the excitement to a whole new level.  Our criteria led us to The Argus! 

The Argus Bar & Grill

Location: 123 E Main St, Madison, WI 53703 

Company Page: Visit the Argus on Facebook

Space: Dogs are allowed in the outdoor fenced in patio section only. There weren’t many people when we were there, but it will get cramped as the weather improves. Tables are small but movable; dogs who are happy to hang out under a table will do well here. Dogs who have need a large “bubble” of personal space or are rowdy will have a harder time.

Other Dogs: Other than a few dogs passing by on a walk, there weren’t many to be found. Good choice if your dog wants to be the star!

We give it: 3/4

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Always consider the weather when deciding to bring your dog on an outing. As it gets warmer you’ll want to be sure to pack water and a bowl. Fido wants to make sure you don’t forget the treats either! Downtown Madison is full of tempting food scraps and distracting smells so be prepared with some treats. A frozen stuffed Kong is a great way to keep your dog busy and cool.

Again, take your dog’s personality and needs into account. Some dogs thrive in busy environments while others become stressed due to noise, strangers, and crowding.
Just because you love going out doesn’t mean your dog does too. Maybe he’s more of a introvert who’d rather stay home watching movies!  

If you can’t bring your dog with, call us to arrange a visit while you’re away. We can make your hours happier by taking your dog out and feeding him dinner so he’s having as good of a time as you.

Do you have any favorite dog–friendly places in Madison and Dane county? We’d love any recommendations in the comment section.

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